A leading service provider facilitating document legalisation, otherwise known as obtaining a Hague Apostille Certificate or Apostille Stamp. This is a process carried out by the Foreign ,Commonwealth & Development Office, Legalisation Office.

Document Legalisation is a process by which the officials or organisations that have signed or issued documents, are confirmed as authentic in the country of origin so that overseas organisations or authorities will accept them. In order to have an apostille the document has to bear either the signature of a recognisable public official, solicitor or notary public or a court stamp. All countries signed up to the Hague Convention will accept documents with an Apostille Certificate, others countries may also accept them, some after further processing by the relevant Embassy.

By using our reputable service you benefit from the following:

    • Advice on what, if anything, needs to be done to the document prior to legalisation

    • Guaranteed completion or your money back

    • On receipt, full professional vetting and preparation of the document for Apostille certification

    • Secure delivery to and from the FCDO Legalisation Office

    • You will be kept advised on the progress of your order at each key stage

    • Avoiding expensive and time-consuming rejections by the Legalisation Office

What we cannot do:

    • We cannot guarantee that the receiving authority will accept the document, it is your responsibility to confirm this and the form in which they require documents to be presented

We take great care to ensure your valued possessions (some of which may have sentimental value) are treated with respect at all times and that everything is returned in the same condition in which it was received.

We strongly recommend the use of track-able delivery methods as this will give you peace of mind that the items will reach us safely and provide some degree of compensation for the loss and inconvenience should something going missing.